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Under Armour Men's Shoes Size Chart

740697/8 inch
25 cm
7.540.56.510 inch
25 cm
8417101/8 inch
26 cm
8.5427.5103/8 inch
26 cm
942.58105/8 inch
27 cm
9.5438.5103/4 inch
27 cm
1044911 inch
28 cm
10.544.59.5111/8 inch
28 cm
114510113/8 inch
29 cm
11.545.510.5115/8 inch
30 cm
124611113/4 inch
30 cm
12.54711.512 inch
30 cm
1347.512121/8 inch
31 cm
13.54812.5121/4 inch
31 cm
1448.513125/8 inch
32 cm
14.54913.5127/8 inch
33 cm
1549.51413 inch
33 cm
15.55014.5131/8 inch
33 cm
1650.515131/4 inch
34 cm


How To Measure

FOOT:We start with the true foot, which means we measure from heel to toe. That measurement (in centimeters) is then translated into our standard sizes.

To find your foot measurement closely trace your entire foot onto a piece of paper and measure from heel to toe. If your measurement is between chart numbers, we recommend sizing up.

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